Thursday, February 2, 2012


Once when Smile came to Cornwall, we went to St Agnes with Brian, Roger and Tim. We went to the Driftwood pub and then walked along the cliffs there. I'm sure Freddie was there too. And we found a cave down from the beach and sang inside it, and did this 5 of 6 part harmony of Earth which was Tim's song. Then we walked up on the headland and the whole place was completely covered in glow worms. It was amazing. The sky was so clear and every star was out, and of course Brian, because of his expertise in astronomy, could name them all. He named all the individual stars and constellations...

Sue Johnstone, excerpt from Rupert White's book, Queen in Cornwall


  1. Hi Eleanor. You've picked out one of my favourite paragraphs in the book! The photo you've used is fascinating. Do you know anything about it? Do you know where it came from??
    Cheers Rupert (

  2. Thank you for responding to my post, Rupert! I've been enjoying your book immensely. I particularly appreciate the reflections of Freddie's early songwriting efforts, fascinating!

    I've managed to find where I got that image from too! No further info unfortunately, but it's a great pic!